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Ample Organics

EZITconnect was engaged by Ample Organics, a leading industry-specific ERP provider.

EZITconnect was engaged by Ample Organics, a leading industry-specific ERP provider, to help achieve AICPA SOC1 compliance required by Deloitte, their financial auditors, to successfully sign-off their valuation and yearly earnings. The Deloitte auditors claimed that without a reliable IT and Security operations, they would be unable to attest to the financial validity of the business. EZITconnect began by understanding the Ample Organics environment, which included a review of people, processes and technology to build a roadmap for compliance. During the audit preparation, many gaps were identified, leading to the deployment of many new policies and procedures such as but not limited to:

  • A full suite (19 policies) of Information Security policy framework that included 18 sub-policies
  • Incident and problem management
  • Security incident response
  • Release management

In addition, various technology gaps were also noted and rectified with the deployment of the following technology:

  • NextGen Firewalls that performed Intrusion Prevention of malicious attacks from outside and inside the network, URL filtering, traffic shaping, file inspection and ongoing monitoring for intrusion attempts on a 24/365 basis.
  • Secure WiFi solution with corporate and guest SSID/networks along with a simple to use visitor sign-in process.
  • Secure email monitoring due to the numerous phishing attempts to impersonate the CEO and other C level executives Ample Organics was able to achieve compliance and strengthen their IT operations with the aid of EZITconnect (Dyna Lync) ’s services and deployed technology.

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