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COVID-19 Readiness

How are your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) efforts holding up during Covid-19?

Ensuring that your organization can continue operating following an unforeseen disaster demands careful planning. For many businesses, regulatory requirements reinforce the vital importance of developing and maintaining complete business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. Effective plan, in turn, requires a comprehensive understanding of both critical business operations and systems, and the potential effect of their disruption on the organization’s operational and financial stability.

Business Continuity

Our business continuity plan/disaster recovery plan (BCP/DRP) assessment is specifically designed to identify gaps in your coverage, evaluate their potential impact on your organization, and provide practical recommendations to mitigate risks.

Covid-19 Readiness Assessment

Ezitconnect’s BCP/DRP assessment focuses on the following areas as they relate to your technology infrastructure and business operations during this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Business Continuity Policy,procedure,documentation,and program review.
  • Gap analysis – Identify critical issues with your current state operations.
  • Regulatory compliance assessment (e.g.,SOC,IS027001 & HIPAA).

The assessment process covers the operational and technical aspects of data availability and recovery. Operationally, it starts with a readiness assessment of your organization’s business continuity program that encompasses policy and procedures, staff, organization, planning, and technical and logistical infrastructure support.

Keeping your teams operating and clients safe.

The BCP/DRP assessment uses a detailed and non-invasive review of your architecture, systems, and technical processes to identify potential gaps in the program. It reviews every aspect of your organization’s BCP/DRP program, comparing it to current best business practices and regulatory requirements such as the HIPAA, SOC or ISO/IEC 27001 security standards.

Eliminate COVID-19 service

Leverage our 40+ years of IT Service Experience while you keep your staff home, socially distant and most importantly safe.

Our Hassle 24/7/365 IT & security event monitoring, Work-From-Home support, VPN troubleshooting, asset tracking and a complete change management solution. Having us assist/augment your critical staff to manage servers, storage, networking equipment, security equipment, virtual machines, operating systems, workloads residing in public clouds and end-user devices when needed.

Monitoring While You Sleep
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre & Security Operations Centre team support and monitoring.
  • Certified Windows, Linux and Apple Support.
  • Anti-virus management.
  • On-site appliance set-up.

Our COVID-19 Support Services Include

Work From Home IT Support

24/7/365 management + full list listing and warranty management.

Patch Management

Effectively manage all Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Endpoints Keep up with all software updates and hardware firmware updates for your devices.

Monitoring While You Sleep

Full monitoring and remediation of security events with our SIEM service 24/7/265 by our SOC and NOC teams.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Pricing based on a fixed rate per device, server, network or cloud service(s).

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