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Think Research

Customer experience isn’t an endpoint or a goal you can reach, it’s a relationship among humans, and it requires active participation, attention and maintenance.

EZITconnect was brought in by Think Research, a booming health-tech company with multiple large health care clinics, hospitals and long-term health clinics to help conduct a gap assessment for HIPAA and AICPA SOC2 with the eventual goal of achieving compliance. EZITconnect conducted a series of on-site audits to assess the gaps and build a remediation plan. External audit firms were brought in to perform the HIPAA and SOC2 compliance with EZITconnect assisting Think Research through the entire process. Compliance and attestation were achieved, alleviating stress for Think Research and satisfying customer requirements.

To achieve compliance, EZITconnect identified major gaps that were addressed by deploying:

  • Endpoint antivirus monitoring software monitored by a Security Operations Centre 24/365.
  • NextGen Firewalls that performed Intrusion Prevention of malicious attacks from outside and inside the network, URL filtering, traffic shaping, file inspection and ongoing monitoring for intrusion attempts on a 24/365 basis.
  • Managed switches for their main corporate head office with MAC address lockdown for added security and monitored for malicious behaviour on a 24/365 basis.


The deployed technologies provided peace of mind to Think Research management, alleviated their over-strained IT staff from managing the security posture of their company and helped to achieve the original objective, which was compliance to required health care specific industry standards.